Cleaning and Care Guide

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Cleaning and Care Guide

Solid hardwood is the most durable and beautiful material from which to craft fine furniture, but even hardwood needs protection. Most of our furniture has catalyzed varnishes. These quality varnishes, along with proper care, will ensure your furniture will stay beautiful for generations. As recommended by Woodwright Quality Wood Finishing Products, here are some guidelines for caring for hardwood furniture.

Furniture Care and Cleaning


We recommend that you care for your heirloom quality furniture with Heirloom Essentials® Fine Furniture Polish & Spotless Cleanser. This cleaner is formulated to maintain the beauty and luster of furniture that has been finished with catalyzed varnish. To remove dust, fingerprits, grease and food residue, we recommend cleaning your furniture regularly with H.E. Spotless Furniture & Glass Cleanser. To maintain the rich luster of your furniture, polish it as often as you’d like with H.E. Fine Furniture Polish.

Polish and CleanersCLEANERS TO AVOID

Products containing silicone, wax or ammonia. Wax buildup on varnished wood will react to moisture, heat and solvents and cause hazing or blushing. Silicone will prevent varnished wood from being refinished in the future. When used repeatedly, ammonia will soften any finish and make it soft and sticky.


Lift and move items across furniture rather than sliding. Put soft, protective pads underneath vases and decorative items. Keep furniture free of dust, since even small dust particles can be abrasive.


Do not place hot items directly on furniture. This includes not only items that have come out of the oven, but also the microwave. The average temperature from a microwave-heated dish is 211°F, while catalyzed varnish is tested to withstand temperatures up to140°F.


The catalyzed varnish on Briarwood's furniture helps protect the hardwood from spills and water damage, but if left for extended periods of time, it can cause discoloration. While the discoloration generally disappears over time, it's always best to blot spills and water rings immediately.


Rotate place mats, table coverings and accessories regularly to prevent uneven aging when exposed to natural sunlight. Table leaves should also be rotated, since leaves stored away from sunlight will not age the same as the rest of the table. Natural or light colored wood is the most susceptible to natural darkening.


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